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Transport and Shipping Express understands the difference between good and excellent! The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. From start to finish our VIP white glove service is executed with excellency, efficiency, and timely.  Our mission is to provide you with a high level experience that will ease any worries you may have about getting your vehicle from pick up to your destination.

At Transport and Shipping Express we understand the value of your vehicle and the work ethic necessary to ensure that your property is properly cared for and transported from A to B.

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VIP transporting is what Transport and Shipping Express is all about. Our white glove service includes picking up and delivering to and from any place nationwide, including at FBOs (Fixed-Base Operators). To learn more contact us.

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Looking for convenience during your travels? TSE can pick up and deliver your vehicle to any hotel that your travels take you. We pick up and deliver from either business or residence from any place in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Orlando, New York, New Jersey and of course nationwide. All of our enclosed trailers are hard side with state of the art customized. 

To book 5 cars or more enclosed, call us directly for a customized quote. Click here.

It's not about quantity with Transport and Shipping Express but about the quality of service and the experience that we promise to every white glove VIP service. Our VIP White Glove Service provides a hands-on customized service  from start to finish.  Our VIP service includes and not limited to:

  • Covered hands and feet prior to entering vehicle

  • Vehicle detailing prior to delivery

  • Customized ramps for extra low car loading

  • Concierge connection at drop off

  • Varierty of enclosed trailers allowing to transport from 1 to 10 enclosed cars at at time, to save you time.

Transport and Shipping Express offers different size enclosed trailers that accommodate to one to up 10 cars at a time. We also service special car events that require 20 cars or more. We have over 50 affiliated high-end exotic cars carriers approved TSE brand and criteria, which includes 5-star ratings, over $1,000,000 cargo insurance, no accidents, 5 years or more of driving experience and VIP white glove service. Transport and Shipping travels from New York to Florida to Texas, Atlanta Georgia, Chicago, Indiana anywhere nationwide.  

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From Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Fort Myers, Orlando, New York, New Jersey or any place nationwide Transport and Shipping Express will pick up and deliver your car VIP style. From door to door, dealer to dealer. We also offer enclosed storage and professional detailing, prior to delivering to your destination. Lear more